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ABOUT US - Mission

Hereby, we are pleased to introduce the LP GROUP. Created from three separated organizations, they however join themselves through strong affinity in the world of precise mechanical engineering with a shared mission: technology in motion.


L.P. Cuscinetti, qualified company in the distribution of industrial technical articles. Thanks to the synergy with its subsidiary, SNT Industriale, LP Cuscinetti pledged to and developed the aim of enhance a product of import from Asian East, combining it with Italian technologies and quality controls. The philosophy of “classic distribution” evolves toward an idea of “customization” of the products based on real technical needs of the customer: LP Cuscinetti put itself as the bridge of quality between China and Italy.

SNT Industriale, leading company in the manufacturing of clutch releaser bearings for the automotive field. Real pride for the Italian production, it is the machinery inventory which allows researches and developments of always up-to-date and high-level mechanical products, that follow the more and more complex guidelines from OE corporations.

Automek, specialized in high precision mechanical operations. Established from the idea of creating, together with the two other companies, a whole center of specialized mechanical engineering, the firm offers furthermore activities of assembling of semi-finished/finished products, laser marking, drilling and cut of various metals but moreover, thanks to high skilled personnel, it boasts an R&D department able to fulfill the multiple requests of its own customers.