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Certified quality from the origin.

Since first import supplies from Asian market during the 80’s, LP Cuscinetti understood the necessity of guaranteeing superior controls and high level in terms of quality through a technical and logistic facility directly in the heart of the Chinese production.

In this way, has been built LP R&D SHANGHAI, today, on 2016, mainly implemented with the purpose of establish, manage and improve business ties with multiple production factories.

Thanks to skilled engineers’ staff, assisted by advanced tooling, products from Far East turn into a new vision: not anymore lone industrial technical articles, but a real technology in motion.

Through periodical certifications with focused audit to suppliers, every single component (steels, lubricants, heat treatments) obtain an accurate inspection on production site.

Therefore, R&D of LP Shanghai is able to customize its mechanical articles following Italian customers’ requests with one mission: innovate traditional mechanical engineering.